Powerpoint Projects

  • animation & infographics
  • clean, simple design
  • Powerpoint production
  • ideas through image
  • animation, infographics

    The analyst requested infographic icons to be used as bullet points, and requested a set of images to represent components of the ‘digital personality’. Both slides are animated. (Download the presentation to view the animation.)

    clean, simple design

    This is an educational deck, the first of five parts, describing a historical institution using images contemporary to the period.

    Powerpoint production

    This deck is typical of the projects of a recent client. Analysts write content and place a large number of illustrative images to in a Powerpoint document to create a draft. The draft is passed to the creative department for treatment, and this often includes requests to find images to illustrate a given concept. Visual and branding treatment includes assuring that typography is good, that elements are aligned and within boundaries and that colors are brand colors. After the design is correct, the file is processed for versioning and size restrictions.

    ideas conveyed through image

    The analyst requested a set of images to represent 'Time' and 'Trust', including icons that would stand for those concepts throughout the presentation.
    The analyst wanted icons to represent 'Intrinsic' and 'Extrinsic'. Image searches failed to yield icons matching these ideas, so custom icons were created.